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Frontiers - Post-Funding Update # 46

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-28 04:31:36

Lars Simkins has posted a new post-funding update for his game Frontiers with news the game is coming to Steam Greenlight on March 30th. Here is the information.

FRONTIERS is coming to Steam Greenlight on March 30th!

Hello, everyone - on March 30th FRONTIERS will be going live on Steam Greenlight! (Don't know what the heck Steam Greenlight is? Click here.)

And I need your help. I plan to distribute the game on GOG and Humble Bundle as well, but getting on Steam is my number one priority right now. Why? Because Steam's free tools will help me to distribute and rapidly patch the pre-release beta. The beta is a massive undertaking, and every minute I don't spend packaging and distributing and wrangling the next build is another minute spent squashing bugs and balancing gameplay.

Here's the Plan

Remember how much we kicked ass on Kickstarter? A big part of that was the early influx of backers. That pushed us into the top ranks, which generated interest, which kept us in the top ranks. I want to pull the same trick with Greenlight, which is why I'm doing a pre-announcement. If every backer with a Steam account plus even a fraction of the 10,000 from the Steam Concepts page votes YES on the FIRST DAY it ought to raise a few eyebrows.

In other words, the plan is lots of votes really fast. IT'S JUST CRAZY ENOUGH TO WORK.

Media gods willing I might even be able to swing a bit of press. In the meantime, you can help by telling everyone you know who might even have a passing interest in FRONTIERS (and a Steam account) to get ready to vote. I aim for a quick, decisive victory!

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