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NWN2 - New Review from Computer Games Romania

by Corwin, 2006-11-09 01:03:20

Bossman from Romanian site Computer Games  has written the latest review of NWN 2 and it's 12 short pages with lots of screen shots. Considering what's been happening with reviews of this game already this week, he finds an interesting way to begin:

  I'll say this right of the bat: I’m not much of a fan of the first Neverwinter Nights. I won't argue if the game was bad or a masterpiece, there are countless discussions on the Internet in this regard, but for me, NWN lacked that je ne sais quios which would keep me glued in front of the monitor right until the end of the game. Therefore, you can imagine my “enthusiasm” when someone started yelling in the office: “Neverwinter 2 is out! / Do I look like someone who cares? / Well, you should / Why? / Because you’re going to write the review… … … Well, this should be fun. 

You'll find it all right here.  

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