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Graywalkers - Interview @ Red Gaming Tech

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-31 05:52:27

Red Gaming Tech interviewed DreamWalker’s CEO, and Lead Game Designer Russell Thomas. They talk about the next kickstarter, and his opinion on Indie games.

RGT: You’re currently hard at work on Graywalkers and preparing to re-launch a kick starter campaign in March this year. Can you share how development for Graywalkers is progressing and how you’re preparing for your new campaign?

Russell Tomas: Development for Graywalkers is progressing steadily, at least with regards to preparations for the Kickstarter. We’re currently working on a playable demo to showcase some of the game’s highlights, particularly it’s turn based combat and some of the different missions and environments you may experience in the game. We’re also building more levels of various environments to include in the video that won’t be seen in the demo. For our video, we plan to focus more on gameplay then make it short and sweet. We’re also slowly trying to get the word out and this has been going on steadily.

RGT: How do you feel the landscape in shifting in regards to indie development on both PC, mobile and consoles?

Russell Tomas: Well, it definitely is a good time to be indie. We hope this momentum that has started will continue. With technology being more readily available now, we feel this growth of the indie industry will continue to grow. With regards to PC and mobile, this is already on the way. For consoles, we hope that these indie initiatives by the console makers would be an impetus for indie developers to start considering these markets more seriously. As multi-platform technologies evolve, the ability for indie developers to deploy on multiple platforms becomes much easier which in turn opens up new markets and opportunities.

RGT: On your website you mention you’ll be porting the game over to the Wii U. Have you had much experience dealing with Nintendo, many studios have said they (Nintendo) are being extremely supportive recently to indie studios.

Thank you Sumerisle for sending in the link.Wink

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