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Bloom - Post-Funding Update #11

by Couchpotato, 2014-03-31 06:06:25

Studio Fawn has finally posted a new post-funding update for Bloom: Memories after going silent for a few months. The update shares information on the games progress.

A Big Update - With Pictures! :)

Heya everyone, Dani here :) Time (finally) for an update on how things have been going over the last few months (short answer: pretty great! :D). 

NOTE:: At the bottom of this update is more information on the small print voting ~~~

As most of you know, I moved at the start of the year and finally was able to get back to work. But before I go into details, I want to announce that Dell / Alienware has decided to sponsor us with a couple new machines! My work computer is definitely a bit dated now, so their help is amazing timing. Huge thanks to the people at Alienware for believing in what we are doing and giving us a helping hand.

So, what has been happening besides that? Well, since James (the programmer) was a bit wrapped up with some other work, I've been free to go ahead and focus on more art assets (one of the biggest bottle necks for the project). As you know, I handle the character concepts....models...textures...and all the world maps...so I need to hop around a lot to make sure things develop evenly. 

For example....these new character designs! (the "core group" now has an additional 3 characters, beyond Ilana and the main character). Here are the concepts, and happily their models are also almost finished.

Note: For those interested, when I do more character sculpting I'll be streaming on twitch as I work at http://www.twitch.tv/dani_sf (and I'll be tweeting before I start at https://twitter.com/StudioFawn ). I actually live sculpted a few already, but I didn't realize you had to manually save on twitch :| Oh well, plenty more to come.

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