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Subterranea - Funding Unsuccessful

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-01 05:09:35

Subterranea has failed to get funded on kickstarter, and only managed to get $3,371 pledged of the projects $12,500 goal. The developer Cloud Nine Games has posted  information on the comment section about the games future.

Cloud Nine Games 

Hi everybody! It's disappointing that the Subterranea Kickstarter has not succeeded, however many lessons have been learnt. Graphical improvements/polish, particularly of the environments, certainly seems to be one theme from the constructive feedback.

The support of you backers has been fantastic, not just the monetary pledges, but also where you have been out there trying to spread the word and on here making helpful suggestions to try and get more traction. Huge thanks from us - your support has been very encouraging!

So what's next for Subterranea? Development will continue, however the schedule on the KS page will not be able to be achieved now. Some funding will be necessary to finish the game, and there's a few options. Improving the graphics, and other aspects of the presentation, before doing another KS is one, also releasing a self-funded game that could be fully developed quicker to fund the development of Subterranea is another option.

Also, an opportunity to collaborate with a talented 2D level design artist has presented itself - that is an opportunity we will be exploring now in the hope of releasing a similar CRPG...

We still believe there's a niche for a 3D, custom-party, "high fantasy" RPG that uses physics for emergent gameplay - that game will be released at some point in the future!

Whatever we decide to do in regards to funding we'll post updates about here, as well as on our website and social media sites.

Thanks to you all again,

Cloud Nine Games

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