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Serpent in the Staglands - Update# 2, Funded!

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-01 05:27:21

Whalenought Studios has posted the second kickstarter update for Serpent in the Staglands with news the game has been completely funded four days.


You did it! Thank you so much everyone, Serpent in the Staglands has been funded in just 4 days!

We’re so excited with all the feedback and interesting questions thus far, and hope we can reach some of our exciting stretch goals! We’ve spent some time in the last couple days reorganizing the stretch goals based off the community feedback we’ve been getting, and were able to add in some of the content that we originally couldn’t fit in our scope.

The first few goals include a full soundtrack, which we have another example of in the works, and additional resources for more sounds and writing. Sailing, the Spirit Realm, the North region and Gladiator spire, and Underground cities are all parts of the free expansions for your characters to adventure through if we hit the later goals! Additionally, we’d have a massively expanded creature compendium, tons of new armor sets and party members. More info about all these on the main page!

Though we’ve been fairly slammed answers emails, questions and comments, we’re currently working on one of the two main settlements in Orf’s Bridge, a town of caravans and sellswords off the main northern road. We’ll have videos showing off more non-combat role playing elements in general here.

Also stay tuned for some polls, more details about the setting, and deeper combat explanations.

Thanks again everyone for making this possible!

Hannah & Joe

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