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Celestian Tales - Update# 8, 70 Hours Left

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-01 05:45:05

Ekuator Games has posted another update for Celestian Tales: Old North with infomation the kickstsrter has 70 hours left, and that the prototype demo is updated.

70 Hours Left -- Prototype Updated!

70 hours left until the Kickstarter campaign reaches its end, and we're stepping ever closer to the fourth stretch goal. Hope we can get a good surge these last few hours! :D

Prototype Updated

When the campaign reaches its last 48 hours, people who starred this project will be notified. Most likely they'll be checking back and rethink about backing us. To prepare for this last-days surge, we updated the prototype with some tweaks and additional features!

Some of the stuffs we added:

  • Streamlined environment assets for easier and faster area-making
  • Additional particle effects to further beautify the environment
  • Movement speed tweaks
  • Obtainable items scattered everywhere
  • Harder enemies and better combat AI
  • Event trigger for a special enemy spawn
  • Fixed bugs on certain skills
  • Skip option and animated icon for dialogues
  • Fade-ins and outs for the user interface
Please do try the updated prototype again and tell us what you think. Your feedbacks have tremendously assisted our development! ;)

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