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Frontiers - Post-Funding Update #47

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-01 06:17:23

Lars Simkins has posted another update for his game Frontiers. The update has more information on how the game is doing on Steam Greenlight.

The Greenlight page is exploding!

And way earlier I expected! But before I get into what happened, here's a link to the Greenlight page, complete with updated trailer. Enjoy, and don't forget to vote! :D


Okay, here's what happened:

Last night I decided to do a stealth launch on the Greenlight page. I figured I'd post the trailer and launch the page and just not tell anyone, then do the official announcement today. Why? Because I was tired of website updates & wanted to finish the main site and press kit with links to the greenlight page & new trailer, etc. It was 7pm on a Saturday night, I figured maybe 10 people would stumble across it by morning.

About an hour later I noticed the Greenlight page had a hundred votes already. Huh. Turns out that stealth launches don't really exist on Steam. And the voting ratio was roughly 70% 'YES' to 30% 'NO.' Pretty decent, but not amazing either. Wuh oh, I thought, what if it goes down further?

So stealth launch suddenly became soft launch - I posted on Facebook and Twitter and the forums that Greenlight was live, hoping to drive that ratio up a bit. I figured we'd see a small bump, then I'd bring out the big guns tomorrow with the Kickstarter update,Two hours later this is where we stood.

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