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Earthlock - Update# 12, Turn Based Combat

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-02 04:11:57

Snowcastle Games has posted the twelfth update for Earthlock: Festival of Magic that has more information on how the game handles turn based combat. As for funding the game still needs to get $50,000 with only nine days left.

The joy of turn based combat!

We wanted to give you all a closer look at the combat systems. In this update we'll detail a little more about how combat works currently and future plans for improvements.

Please keep in mind that all of the systems detailed here may change during development based on feedback and testing.

We chose to go with turn based combat, first and foremost, because we all have fond memories of playing games featuring turn based combat. We wanted a strategic approach to combat and to let the players be able to take the time to think about their next move rather than stressing them out with active time hybrid models or real time combat. There is nothing wrong with either of the latter models, but we feel that turn based combat is a good fit for Earthlock.

  • Turn based combat: plan your moves rather than reacting 
  • Combat Pairs access unique pair abilities 
  • Chaining of elemental attacks 
  • Enemy states change during combat 
  • Full control over all pairs during combat

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