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Planets - Interview @ PCGMedia

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-02 04:15:37

Project Director Michel Thomazeau was interviewed by PCGMedia to answer a few more questions about their kickstarter game Planets³.

What is Planets3, and who are Cubical Drift?

We are a small team. The co-founders of the company are 3 old friends that met at their engineer school 13 years ago. We surrounded ourselves with competent and truly motivated people from different horizons (creative artists, graphics and musician) to develop the game of our dreams.

My name is Michel Thomazeau, and I am the project director of Planets³ and the CEO and co-founder of the Cubical Drift Company. I am 32 years old, and have a 9 years background in CAD software development at Realviz first and then at Autodesk.

There’s no avoiding similarities to Minecraft, but its block world is not voxel based, whilst yours is. Explain the difference, and what it means mechanically for Planets3. How will it affect building, the type of structures you can create, and the game world?

Crafting items will be different as it will use “normal” 3d model with our specific design This depends on what you call “voxel based”; it seems that this term is use for different situations. Our game is made of small blocks (25cm square and with different shape) and the view distance is almost infinite as we use a “sub-resolution” engine we developed ourselves to be able to display blocks that are on different planets. This way we can answer to one of the gameplay constraint: to be able to see everything (with more or less details) wherever you are. The result is that the further you are from a construction or a landscape, the fewer details you will see.

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