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Unsacred - A New Sacred ARPG

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-02 04:45:11

Thanks to Avantenor for sending the the following news, and I'm sure many of you will be excited. It seems former Sacred devlopers from Ascaron are making a new ARPG.

The game is called Unsacred and the developers are raising money on Papal, and the games website. Unfortunately that is all the information I have has all the news sites with information are in German.

Welcome to unsacred (working title).

We are pleased that you, from wherever you come from, you have found us. We are the ones who eventually made SACRED. Those who have registered significantly our concerns to SACRED 2 and did not want to hear - or could. That is past. Not always glorious, not always honorable. But the vision is never died. And in the years that have passed since then, we have a never lost sight of: a common idea. We call unsacred (working title) and it will be the game that we want to make and will make. For this we need your help. Live the dream with us, help us to let him become a reality. It may be that many of the sounds that we tell you about here, for one or the other almost fantastic. But to be honest: When we have taken SACRED attack, the voices sounded very similar. Prepare yourself your own to figure it out and come back. You will find at this point constant updates.

The Team

At this point, imagine our team members in the course of our project and tell you a little of what their responsibilities are in unsacred (working title). Our current development team is a mix of "old warriors" and new faces, which are connected by a common goal. Friends, companions, faithful fans of the first hour. We cover the entire development history of SACRED rich and thereby to the early beginnings of ARMALION, the game (the older ones among you will remember), from which then eventually became SACRED. From this age eg Franz Stradal, Marc Oberhäuser, Ralph Roder and Norbert Becker is one of the party. Peter Hann, whose graphics capabilities many of you are still likely to know from Sacred 2, is also included with. As consultants, we are old SACRED greats like Michael Bhatty to the side that will ensure that our new universe which is what you want as a player and fans and what we dream of for years. Everything will be fine!

So if anyone here is fluent in German, and can translate better than Goggle. It would help us all allot. I hope the game will at least be better than the new Sacred III.

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