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Dex - Spring Update & Early Access

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-02 05:07:14

It has been a while since I posted news about Dreadlocks side scrolling RPG Dex. Well that ends now as the say. So lets get started.

The developers have posted a new update that talks about the games status, and mentions the game is now on Steam Early Access.

Major Spring Update & Early Access Launched!

Hi Everyone!

We have a major update, so take a deep breath and join us for big news about Dex’s development!

First Early Access Build Available

All backers eligible for early access to Dex should have received an email by now (or within an hour from this post) with instructions on how to download the Dex development build. If you are eligible for early access but haven’t received an email from us, please double-check your spam folder. If you don’t find it there, please send us a message! (Note: We use the contact email address provided here at Kickstarter or the payment email address if you backed us via PayPal.)

For those of you not in the early access group: we’ve attached some new artwork to give you a glimpse of our latest progress. Also – just so you know – we are not limiting the usage of early access builds in regards to taking videos, so if any fan-made footage from Dex pops up, we’ll post it here for all of you to enjoy!

Status Report

Now, the major news: We are somewhat behind our original schedule, and so we are officially announcing that we will not be hitting final release by this summer. That was our original expectation when we were preparing and running the Kickstarter campaign in November 2013; however, many things simply took much longer than we planned and expected.

We are sorry for this – especially since we know many of you are looking forward to playing Dex – but as we stated before, we’d rather postpone the release date than ship an unpolished and incomplete game. So, although it is a bit sad that there will be a longer wait time for the final version of Dex, please rest assured that we will use the development time to best of our abilities and that the final game will be better for the delay.

Right now, we would rather not give a definite official release date – until all major game systems are complete and working well, it is really hard to pinpoint. Internally as well as externally (in press materials etc.), we have changed the expected release date to Q4/2014; that is October, November, or December of 2014.

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