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Original Sin - Twitch TV Session Summary

by Myrthos, 2014-04-02 12:08:00

A brave Larian forum member has summarized the recent Twitch TV session for the beta version, just in case you missed the session.

Here is something on the starting classes that you can choose from:

Preset classes:
Wizard – Focuses entirely on magic.
Battlemage – Crossbreed between a wizard and a warrior. Melee attacks and spell-weaving.
Cleric – Hard-hitting healer.
Enchanter – Control mage - Crowd control spells.
Fighter – Straight-up fighter.
Knight – A Fighter who can heal and inspire fellows. has the Courageous talent (Cannot be Feared).
Ranger – ranger, focuses on ranged weapons
Rogue – backstabber (starts with invisibility spell, lockpicking, sneaking)
Shadowblade – Rogue/assassin who knows magic.
Wayfarer – a ranger/mage hybrid
Witch – focuses on darker magic, curses, necromancy

The Wizard and Witch classes weren't explicitly mentioned, but the first is in, and the second probably is as well.


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