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Risen - On GOG

by Myrthos, 2014-04-03 13:18:22

Risen is the first game from the Deep Silver catalogue that will be made availabe on Good Old Games. You can get it now DRM free for $3.99 during the next 46 something hours fro writing this newsbit. After that it will be at the regular price of $9.99 again.

Welcome to the DRM-free Family: Deep Silver joins GOG.com with release of "Risen"!

DRM-free digital distributor partners up with Deep Silver, releases "Risen"-the first installment of the renowned RPG franchise-60% off for the first 48 hours, for $3.99.

The one-stop shop for the best games of yesterday and today for PC and Mac, is proud to announce that a new partner has joined the ranks of the DRM-free Revolution. With release of the critically acclaimed action RPG Risen, Deep Silver is the newest addition to the GOG.com family of partners-with more titles to come in the future.

Risen is set in a luscious environment of the volcanic island Faranga, after a mysterious cataclysm causes the emergence of ancient ruins and spontaneous spawning of unusual, vile creatures. With a gripping storyline, challenging combat, terrific voice-acting, and some impressively original touches like the seamless incorporation of magic into dungeon crawling sequences, the game sets a high standard for fantasy role playing games. 

Risen, the first Deep Silver game to release on GOG.com, is available for only $3.99 (that's 60% off from the regular price of $9.99!) for the first 48 hours, until Saturday, April 5, 11.00 AM GMT.

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