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Prodigy - Kickstarter Launched

by Myrthos, 2014-04-03 13:32:52

Prodigy is and odd game to most of us I guess. It is a tactical RPG that adds an additional playing interface next to your keyboard and mouse. With it you can move figurines that are placed on physical board that is connected to your PC.

Prodigy is a turn-based tactical RPG featuring high quality figurines for PC.
The player manipulates magical objects to fight epic multiplayer battles and follow a heroic solo campaign.
Prodigy's gameplay focuses on squad-based combat on a physical board for deep-thinking and fast paced 1v1 fights.
Prodigy is a new way to play without any keyboard, mouse or joypad.

This is where they are now:

Prodigy is currently being developed for PC (Windows) with the Unreal 4 engine. We have a prototype of the game that has proven its worth - it includes our first figurines, displays a wide range of NFC (Near Field Communication) interactions and demonstrates the basis of our combat system. It’s been tested multiple times, works really well and we have received lots of good feedback so far from those who have played the prototype.

And this is where they want to go:

Now we're aiming for the real thing: we're deepening the gameplay and tactical use of the board and figurines, building the storyline so each figurine has its own personal content, enhancing the universe with a solo PvE campaign, and polishing our technology for an even more robust and reliable product.

At the moment they are already close to reaching half of their goal of $100K.

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