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Earthlock - Update#13, The Dark Side

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-04 08:18:16

Snowcastle Games gives us a glimpse of the Dark Side of Earthlock: Festival of Magic in the games latest kickstarter update, and shares a new desktop wallpaper.

A Visit to the Dark Side


We wanted to show you some more of Umbra. In the last world update we focused on Zenit, the desert side of the planet. This time around we wanted to show you a couple of pieces of concept art from Nadir, the dark and cold side of the planet.

As Amon and Ive and their friends have unravelled a small part of the mystery of Umbra’s past, clues will eventually send them on a quest to the cold and treacherous - albeit mythically beautiful - Nadir, and into the depths of the ancient mining station above.

If you like the Mining Station concept art, here's a handy link to 1920x1080 desktop background version!

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