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The Mandate - Post-Funding Update #36

by Myrthos, 2014-04-04 11:03:37

The Kickstarter update number 36 of The Mandate is about the combat video we reported on yesterday and their new community site.

Today we have launched our new community site which in addition to the revamped look also features an integrated chat and brand new forums. You will all receive an invite during the next few days via email with username, password and instructions on how to activate your accounts on the new community site. This allows us to merge the PayPal and Kickstarter backers into one happy family!

The new forums will be where you can discuss all things related to The Mandate and we look forward to reading more of the fan lore that was already posted on the old forums. We are in the process of appointing moderators but if the discussions on the old forums and our Kickstarter comments page is any indication then they should have an easy time. Later on we will also be reaching out to military / ex-military and historians to act as volunteer consultants to help us make a better game but more on that in a future update.

Also, the new forums is where you will be able to receive feedback if you pledged for a design tier. There will be one sub-forum for each design tier and all backers may read these forums but we will access-restrict posting rights to backers who have bought design tiers [specifics TBD]. We believe this will help keep discussions and feedback civil [you can always send a PM with your feedback to the author if you have not purchased a design tier].

The community site is not 100% complete and we will add functionality over the next days: 

  • Community chat: next week
  • Ability to permanently mute the music on the front page: next week
  • Guidelines, templates and examples for player design tiers: next week
  • New faction details and more lore: within two weeks (check the poll for hints…)

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