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The Red Solstice - Kickstarter Updates# 5 & 6

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-05 05:44:30

Ironward has posted two more Kickstarter updates this week for The Red Solstice. The first update talks about a bunch of boring, but amazing numbers about the kickstarter.

Let's start this update with few boooring but amazing numbers. So far we got more then 400 backers, more then 800 new Facebook fans and have reached almost 40% of our funding goal with 18 more days to go. Besides that our Kickstarter campaign was covered by more then 100 gaming media outlets from all over the world, including the few really big ones like Rock Paper Shotgun. We thank all of the press for helping us reach you, our supporters! What is it all meaning? Well, we are on the way to greatness and reaching the goal that we need to make The Red Solstice an amazing gaming experience we have always dreamed of doing!

The second update shares news the game is now half funded with 15 days left.

The Red Solstice campaign is finishing it's first 14 days of running with 16 more days to go! We are getting near half of the path to our main funding goal and things are looking GOOD with more media doing coverage of the project and a lot support from our developer friends - big respect and shouts go to Chris Avellone from Obsidian, Renaud Charpentier from Creative Assembly and Julian Gollop of X-COM fame!

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