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Mage's Initiation - Post-Funding Update #35

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-06 06:13:57

Himalaya Studios has posted the next post-funding update for Mage's Initiation with information about Steam Greenlight, and the games development.

Development Days

We’ve been continuing our development strategy of tackling one act per month. Unfortunately, Chris’s PC unexpectedly went down in the middle of scripting Act 2 and he decided to kill two birds with one stone and (finally) do a system upgrade from XP to Windows 7, in light of the rapidly approaching end-of-support date. This took a while to straighten out and ended up setting things back by half a month. Not too bad, really, considering how far development has progressed since our January summit meeting. Everything is still in good shape. We’ve also recently got the final forest layout mapped out and traversable. We can happily report to you that Act 2 has been competely finished, and we’ve just commenced on scripting Act 3 of 4! But don’t get too excited yet -- there’s still an obscene amount of combat and RPG code to link to the main gameplay, and a lot of stat/XP balancing to test and finetune. This all means that we still have no solid timeline for the release, but as we’re sure you all understand, we really want to take our time to make a good, non-rushed title, reminiscent of the Sierra classics that you’ll enjoy playing - and replaying!

Greenlight Status Update

Himalaya’s Adventure game, Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine, has hit position #76 of the top 100 games on Steam Greenlight out of 1,606 total games in the system. Looks like we’re in the home-stretch now and have a high chance of being greenlit within the next month. If you haven’t voted and left a comment yet, remember to do so while there’s still time, and you’ll be automagically entered into our contest to win any 3 Steam games of your choosing. Thank you!

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