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Grim Dawn - 2-Handed Melee Weapons

by Myrthos, 2014-04-08 15:30:07

A preview of some of the available 2 handed melee weapons is presented on the Grim Dawn websie.

As many of you know, Cairn is a war-torn world with very limited resources. In as much, we've tried to capture a sense of improvised necessity and desperation in the earlier tiers of our common weapon classes: An old farm scythe strapped on a large stick becomes a new axe, while rusty old gears from some forgotten contraption has been reincarnated as a sturdy bashing stick. After several tiers of cobbled, improvised killing devices, you will start to see the remnants of greater weapons from the ages past. These rare weapons are coveted most of all, for very few now possess the skill or knowledge to recreate their glorious craftsmanship.
Below is a small sampling of a few 2-handers from the 3 melee types (sword, axe and hammer). Most are lower level, but I included a couple higher tiers to show some progression. I've also included the concept with each item so you can see a little before and after action. Please take care not to cut yourself while handling the images, some of the blades probably have a decent amount of tetanus (or something worse).

Repurposed Sawblade:

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