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RPGWatch Feature - Might & Magic X Review

by Myrthos, 2014-04-14 12:32:41

A while after we handed a review key of Might & Magic X to Dteowner he came back with a review of the game, which we now make available for you to read.

Overall, the game was fantastic, particularly for a budget title from a small developer. I had a blast playing the game and more than once found myself playing far longer than intended to do "just one more" map or quest. Limbic clearly has a passion for, and a deep understanding of, the factors that made the Might and Magic games classics. Throughout the development process, they listened to their core audience and actually made changes requested by the community. The game was released with no major bugs at all and even the trivial ones were promptly cleaned up via patch. In an age where developers tend to use their customers for QA and regularly ignore what their customers ask for, Limbic's approach was a breath of fresh air. Although Ubisoft doesn't have a great reputation with gamers these days, they deserve some credit for allowing Limbic to do the job right.

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