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Mage Knight Apocalypse - Reviews @ Gameplay Monthly, GameShark

by Dhruin, 2006-11-10 21:22:57

A mediocre 'C-' is the score for Mage Knight: Apocalypse in Gameplay Monthly's review:

With all the complaints, Mage Knight Apocalypse is actually not a bad game. The game runs smoothly on most computers given that you may need to scale down the graphics and effects if you have older video cards. Gaining new skills and levels by repeatedly using the same skill over and over again makes this already 3D ARPG even more similar to Dungeon Siege. Unfortunately though, MKA wasn't able to surpass other ARPG titles with things that could have easily been fixed.

...Meanwhile, GameShark scored 'B-' and is more forgiving:

I really don’t want to rag on MK: Apocalypse completely however, because the length is quite satisfactory, the inclusion of co-op play is a very good bonus, and I just found this to be a really fun RPG romp all around – which, ultimately, is the most important thing. Graphically the game also puts forth a very aesthetically-pleasing presentation (this also ties into the cutscenes), and if it wasn’t for the stability problems (as well as sometimes very-inconsistent framerates) I’d be all the more happy with it. I’ll heartily recommend Mage Knight: Apocalypse to any RPG fan who wants something just a little different out of their hack-n-slash experience – or just wants to play a bad-ass Dwarf who sweeps the landscape clean with miniguns and incendiary grenades – but before picking it up, make sure you have a fairly beefy system, and also check to see if any new patches have been released to curtail some of the major design flaws - this should then ensure you can extract maximum enjoyment.

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