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Meriwether - Post-Funding Update #43

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-15 05:49:17

Sortasoft has finally posted a new post-funding update for Meriwether with news on the making of the games soundtrack , and the developers birthday.

Meriwether Original Soundtrack

We are thrilled to announce our release of the Meriwether soundtrack! The 25-track album is simultaneously beautiful, exciting, and mysterious. We’ve been listening to it on repeat while working on the game, as it sets the atmosphere perfectly. The entire record is composed, arranged, and produced by our very own Jim Welch, with the exception of two period pieces that Jim arranged: Gavotte by Arcangelo Corelli, and Minuet by Alexander Reinagle. We will soon be sending a link out to those of you who backed at the Soundtrack level or higher! If you pledged at a lower level but want to add the soundtrack now, you can raise your pledge to $35 by sending us the difference via paypal at http://bit.ly/1hJRdXY. This additional pledge will continue to support us finishing Meriwether. Take a look at this massive track list! There is such a wide range of sounds, emotions, and styles. The songs all complement each other so well, making the album greater than the sum of its parts.

1. An American Epic
2. On The Plains
3. West Of The Rockies
4. Danger
5. Teton Sioux Confrontation
6. Gavotte by Arcangelo Corelli
7. The Shoshone
8. Lolo Trail
9. The Hunt
10. Off We Go
11. The Columbia
12. Coastal Tribes
13. Ocean In View
14. Plains Tribes
15. Melancholy
16. The Missouri
17. Drouillard's Theme
18. Minuet by Alexander Reinagle
19. York's Theme
20. The Ohio
21. Clark's Theme
22. Sacagawea's Theme
23. August 20th 1804
24. Journal Entries
25. Pomp's Lullaby

Procedural Music Implementation

Now that we have the mastered soundtrack recordings, we’ve implemented a dynamic music system to play them at opportune moments within the game. Each piece is tied thematically to a “muse,” which is either a person, place, or action. When it seems like the player might be getting ready to interact with a muse, a “submix” of the song begins. This is a sparse, quieter mix of the soundtrack version of the song that hints at the qualities in the background without fully committing. If a player continues to engage with the muse, then the audio fades in to the main mix that you hear on the soundtrack. Our procedural audio engine also allows for extended stretches of silence in between the music tracks. This respite helps you to engage with the environmental audio. For instance if you notice a bird chirping, you might try to locate it and observe it through your spyglass.

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