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Transistor - Hands-On Preview @ Dual Shockers

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-20 05:09:33

Dual Shocks had the chance to play a demo of Transistor from Pax Prime 2014, and wrote a new hands-on preview for all of us to read.

Coming off the high anticipation from Bastion, fans of Supergiant Games can rest easy knowing that even from just a brief excursion through the world of Transistor, I already can’t wait to take a more extended trip. Coming off the demo from this weekend’s PAX East 2014, the game already shows exceptional polish, style, combat, and most of all, dedication to new ideas and a world that’s just waiting to be explored through the eyes of Red. Luckily, with the game officially set to release on May 20th, it won’t be too much longer for us to wait until we can hop back into Transistor‘s tech-infused world with Red – and the wait will be worth every second.

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