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Heart Forth, Alicia - Update#5, Mac and Linux

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-20 05:25:49

Alonso Martin shares information about the Mac & Linux stretch goals. and new game tiers in the latest kickstarter update for Heart Forth, Alicia.

Mac &Linux Stretch Goals, New Tiers , Wii U and Vita news

Two stretch goals conquered, and 150% funded less than 3 days in! It’s nothing short of amazing. To celebrate this awesome milestone, we have some equally awesome news for everyone:

Mac and Linux ports will happen at $120,000

We held off on talking about these earlier because we still hadn’t secured the resources and people we’ll need to make this possible. Working out the PS4 port opened the doors for moving onto other platforms, and Mac and Linux ports are the most immediate step in that direction. This means that dear Alicia will be coming to a Mac or Linux near you!

Wii U and Vita

Vita and Wii U ports are platforms that we’re absolutely interested in porting to, and we’re working out ways to make it happen. We’re not yet able to say for sure we’ll be able to port the game to those platforms since we still need to secure a deal with Sony and Nintendo. We’re looking into getting those. But believe us when we say we’re looking forward to these ports as much as you are. It would be a dream come true to have our game running on those platforms!

New Tiers and Add-ons

Something else that we’ve received a lot of questions about is the opening of new tiers, both for the high-level design pledges and a PS4-only tier at the ground floor. We’re working on the logistics and exact details of both, and they should definitely be implemented sometime next week. On the same note, we’re also going to implement add-ons at the same time for people that just want the Talebook or poster without the full expense of their associated tiers and rewards within.

We’ll have more stretch goals if we get there, but hopefully these are enough to start everyone’s weekend off the right way! Have a good one!

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