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Raven's Cry - 25 Hours Message

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-20 05:36:48

TopWare Interactive released a new "Message in a Bottle" on the Raven's Cry website.

"Each message in a bottle will provide you with background information and glimpses into the world of Raven’s Cry and its development. We’re going to start by letting Christopher speak for himself and give you a look at his captain’s log for the first time ever. You’ll also get an idea of the wide variety of gameplay options awaiting you in Raven’s Cry." The newsletter announcing this also has an indication of how much gameplay to expect from Raven's Cry, saying: "Dive into in a sweeping storyline – 25 hours of gameplay that will forever change your image of the Caribbean and the world of pirates."

Source: Blues News

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