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Zpocalypse - Update#2, Pledge Updates

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-20 06:01:44

Greenbrier Games has posted the second kickstarter update for Zpocalypse: Survival with information about new Pledged Updates, and the next dev dairy about characters.

Pledge level updates, team bios & dev dairy - characters

To start things off we wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone for all the support so far. We can't wait to get this funded and start getting to more of our stretch goals! Also we hope everyone is having a great weekend. We are going to continue our dev diary as promised with information about characters but first a bit of other news.

Alpha Level Updates

First off, we have updated the two physical reward tiers to include Alpha access. We don't know what we were thinking when we put those levels in but of course we would think if you are wanting to get the physical game as soon as possible you probably are also going to want to start trying out the digital game as soon as possible. Due to Kickstarter rules we cannot change the level descriptions once individuals back them. However, we have updated the pledge level graphics at the bottom of the main page.

Additionally, due to popular demand we have added a new pledge level for those interested in only one copy of the game and one alpha access code in addition to what you would get at the Hoarder level. The $60 Prepper level is still a great value if you have a friend who might enjoy the game.

Dev Diary - Characters

One of our first requests for information was on character customization. So let’s delve into the character system a bit. When you start a new game of Zpocalypse: Survival one of the first things you will do is create your starting character for the game. You will begin by choosing your gender. From there you will be able to customize the character using various body types, heads and hair styles. We are also working on a system where you can customize the color for skin, hair and eyes in addition to adding things like facial hair, tattoos, and more.

After this you will select a role. Roles are the top-end descriptor of each character, giving a broad sense of what that character's, ahem, role will be in the game. Roles will define to a large degree what the character's strengths and skills are, though players will still be able to customize their character to make it their own.

Each role can be viewed as a bucket in which a handful of more traditional 'character classes' are held. Over time, as players develop each character, they more clearly define what the character's "class" actually is, in an RPG sense. This definition is done organically through skill and perk choices rather than actually choosing a “class” for the character. When first creating a character, players will be able to choose whichever role they prefer. Characters will fall into one of 3 roles: bruiser, fighter and smartie.

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