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Ultima VII Part II - Old NBC News Clip

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-21 05:19:42

I thought a few of you would be interested in an old interview clip from NBC for The Serpent Isle. You can thank the ultimacodex for sharing the video.

The video is interesting for a number of reasons, actually…beyond the way NBC horribly intercuts footage and concepts from Serpent Isle and The Black Gate. It begins with Richard Garriott discussing his ambition to journey into space, a dream he would not realize for another 14 or so years after this clip was aired (which was in late April of 1993, apparently). The report then gives a brief overview of the history of Ultima, before turning the discussion to a sometimes confused mish-mash of both parts of Ultima 7, although the majority of the focus is placed on Serpent Isle.

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