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Popup Dungeon - Kickstarter Updates# 16-18

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-21 05:26:54

Ring Runner has been busy this week, and posted more updates for it's roguelike RPG Popup Dungeon. The game has earened $28,219 of $80,000 with 27 days left.

Update #16 - Introducing... Rook.

We at Triple.B.Titles love the classic storybook art style of Banner Saga. For us it evokes memories of childhood favorites like Sword in the Stone and the artwork in fairytale books. And you might be able to deduce that we're pretty big fans of the tactical turn-based strategy gameplay too!

This is why we're very proud to announce Rook as our first official playable cameo character. He will be included upon release along with many more as of yet unrevealed cameo characters.

Update #17 - Portals of Fate

Portals of Fate are optional, high-risk, high-reward, passages that can make or break a run. You never know what lies beyond the portal. It could be a horde of treasure, a vending machine room, an extra-tough boss battle, a whole other dungeon level, or a room of wall-to-wall minotaurs!

Update #18 - Meet your Composer!

Today’s update features a short interview of our very talented, up-and-coming composer, Gabriel Lefkowitz. Listen to him discuss the challenges presented by Popup Dungeon and how he plans to achieve the right tone for our soundtrack. You’ll also get a peek at some of his other work.

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