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Transistor - Interview @ Dual Shockers

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-21 05:32:33

Supergiant Games Creative Director Greg Kasavin is interviewed by Dual Shockerer in a new video from Pax East 2014 to talk about Transistor.

PAX East 2014 featured plenty of heavy hitters and big upcoming games, with titles like EvolveWatch Dogs, and The Evil Within present to show off plenty of what the new generation of consoles has to offer.

However, one of the big focuses of PAX East is the thriving indie community both in and outside of Boston, and on the top of this year’s Indie Megabooth was Supergiant Games showing off their upcoming title for PC and PS4, Transistor. Releasing three years after the studio made an impressive debut with their first title, Bastion, DualShockers took a peek at the title with a demo of Transistor, and spoke straight from the show floor with Supergiant Games’ Creative Director, Greg Kasavin, about what to expect from their next effort.

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