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Graywalkers - Greenlit & Relaunch Postponed

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-21 05:47:17

Dreamlords Digital shares news on the games kickstarter comment section about Graywalkers: Purgatory being greenlit on Steam.

Great news everyone! Graywalkers Purgatory has just been Greenlit on Steam! Thank you everybody for the support

They also announce the Kickstarter relaunch is delayed for a few more weeks.

As for the relaunch, we will need to delay again for 1-2 weeks but this is the final push back. We're almost ready to go. The only thing that isn't finished is the demo and we wanted that when we relaunched, we would have the demo. Also, being greenlit changes a bit of our strategy. Hope you all understand.

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