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RPGWatch - Skullforge: The Hunt Q&A

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-21 06:00:56

Skullforge: The Hunt is a new kickstarter from OMC Games. The game is asking for a modest fee of $20,000, but funding has been slow.

Here is a brief description for readers who missed the previous news-bits.

Skullforge: The Hunt is a single player action RPG set in a medieval fantasy world.  The combat will be fast, interesting, and most of all fun.  Players will take the role of Desinarious "Desi" Cornerstone as she tracks down one of her enslavers.  This game is made for those who like action RPGs with a good mix of fun storytelling, action, exploration, and the ability to make interesting choices along the way.

This game is what you get when you take the action of great games like Secret of Evermore, Secret of Mana, Soul Blazer and even modern RPGs like Kingdoms of Amalur and Darksiders with the survival aspects of the cult classic Alternate Reality.  These games were our inspiration when laying down what Skullforge is and we know everyone who likes RPGs will be happy with the result.

In an effort to spread the word about the game I reached out to OMC Games James Garvin. Hopefully the following Q&A helps the game get more pledges.

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Skullforge: The Hunt

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