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Dragon Age: Inquisition - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-23 05:13:23

After the announcement and release of the new trailer yesterday a few sites released new articles for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Here are two of them I managed to link today.

Spawnfirst - "Dragon Age: Inquisition is Not the End of The Series"

The Dragon Age stories have thrilled us for many years now; with their compelling plot lines, unforgettable companions, and their tough-to-beat monsters, it’s no doubt Dragon Age: Inquisition will be amazing, if not better than the previous ones. But, there have been speculations that Inquisition will be the very last of the Dragon Age games. I’m here to ease your minds and tell you that it isn’t true, whether or not that is a bad thing is something we’ll find out together.

IGN - "How Dragon Age Inquisition Improves Dragon Combat"

Dragon Age Inquisition will completely change the way its players fight dragons when it releases later this year.

“When I’m attacking a dragon, I’m not just hitting all of it,” producer Cameron Lee told IGN. “I’m hitting its leg, I’m hitting its wing, and that should matter. It should matter where I attack a dragon...that’s something we’re really trying to lean on, and when we come to E3, we’ll really be able to show it in all its glory.”

Dragon combat isn’t changed in mechanics alone -- the types of dragons you’ll take on differs considerably from previous games.

PC Gamer also interviewed Executive Producer Mark Darrah of Bioware.

PC Gamer: I was going to ask, how much you guys feel like you have to react to your fans, to what they want, and how much freedom you have to lead them in almost any regard, from the small decisions you’re making to scoping out the future of the series and everything else?

Mark Darrah: It’s a little bit of both. From a small feature perspective things like control schemes and the way that the narrative or the way that the conversation works and stuff like that, that’s where we take a lot of feedback. That’s where we’re very much, I think people have a clear understanding of what they want and what they don’t like.

The danger is most people, myself included, aren’t perfectly objective when they’re playing a game at the higher level. Henry Ford has a famous quote. If we asked people what they wanted they’d ask for a faster horse. There’s a certain amount of truth to that.

Part of our job is to go out into the wilderness to go farther beyond what the players have seen, what they’ve played and essentially light a torch so they can see what could be and then hopefully they’ll want what we’re presenting. That can be uncomfortable. That can result in concern because obviously what they’re comfortable with, what they’ve played before isn’t completely what we’re delivering.

In the case of Dragon Age: Inquisition I think there is a core there. I think there is a core Dragon Age game at its center. I think that comfort still remains, but we will be pushing you, we’re challenging you with some new things.

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