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Starpoint Gemini 2 - Steam Workshop

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-24 04:28:58

Iceberg Interactive sent a new press release with information that Early Access buyers of Starpoint Gemini 2 can now use Steam Workshop for mods.


All New Stunning Oculus Rift® Screenshots Revealed

Haarlem, The Netherlands – April 23, 2014 – Iceberg Interactive and developer Little Green Men Games announced today the integration of Steam Workshop into its popular space sim Starpoint Gemini 2 (PC), currently available on Steam’s Early Access program. With the Steam Workshop, the game’s community can create individualized Starpoint Gemini 2 content and make it available as a downloadable addition to the base game.

Oculus Rift® support will be available at Starpoint Gemini 2’s official launch.

“Modding is at the heart of Starpoint Gemini 2 and we have done, and will continue to do, everything possible to open up SPG2 and allow virtually anything to be changed, tweaked, and improved by the community,” said Danijel Mihokovic, CTO at Little Green Men Games. “Regardless if a Mod is a simple change of a weapon effect or a full-blown total conversion, SPG2 makes everything possible.”

The Steam Workshop Beta update is available now and includes the addition of junkyards to the game world, plus tweaks and improvements to improve overall gameplay. For a full list of changes or to purchase Starpoint Gemini 2 on the Steam Early Access program at $24.99, please visit

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