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Dragon Age: Inquisition - Interview @ Ausgamers

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-25 04:58:34

Ausgamers interviewed Producer Cameron Lee to chat, and ask a few questions about Dragon Age: Inquisition. Below is a sample of the chat.

Warning: It has been brought to my attention you should skip the first answer as it may be a spoiler about how the Inquisition is formed in the game.

AusGamers: Is there anything in Dragon Age Inquisition that is going to just blow fans of the Dragon Age games away? Anything they just don't know about yet?

Cameron: That's a hard question to answer. Some parts of the plot will be just breathtaking. I look back at DA:O and I look back at DA2 and I look at what we've got here and it's just ridiculous. The quality of the story and of your story and the breadth of the story, and then there's things being represented and realised in cinematics and visuals that are just stunning. It's just amazing right, so I think that will be breathtaking for them, but they're probably going to expect that. It's the next generation, and you want this stuff to look beautiful and people to feel like people and the voice acting to be brilliant and the music to be great, and all those things will be true. I think people will be surprised when they fight a dragon, that's definitely different.

The Inquisition is a big part of what I think is going to be a big part of what people will find surprising as well. Your ability to impact the world directly and physically through people is more than anything I've seen in a game. When I look at contemporary competitors, similar RPGs, you have these big worlds and these big massive environments and NPCs that walk around, and some of them are emergent AI and some of them aren't but it's a static world for the most part.

I can make decisions or I can take actions in these games and a lot of the time people don't notice or they don't care, you certainly can't have a physical impact on the world. But I think we're looking at the next generation of RPGs starting with Inquisition, and this is going to be one of these things and I think people are going to want to have an actual impact on the world, so you're no longer on the static stage, you're on a stage which changes on multiple facets based on what you as a player do. So I think players of Inquisition will be surprised at that because I don't think anyone's really gotten to that point yet--even though I think it's something that all games are going to want to do at some point if they're in our sort of space.

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