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Dark Souls II - New Interview & Video

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-26 04:10:48

Rock, Paper, Shotgun interviewed Tak Miyazoe to talk about cheaters, lack of mod support, and the port of the PC version of Dark Souls II.

RPS: How much did you focus on optimization for DSII? Will it run well on a broad spectrum of machines?

Miyazoe: We have put a lot of emphasis and focus on optimization for Dark Souls II so that players can have a smooth, in-depth experience on a wide range of platforms including the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. We did our best to allow players with a wide range of PC specs to enjoy the game without cutting away the importance of the high sense of achievement or the connections felt on the online space.

RPS: For which specific reasons did you delay the PC version? What specific aspects of the port required more development time? PC ports tend to get delayed frequently, but no one ever really talks about why. Sometimes there are legitimate reasons. Other times it’s… questionable.

Miyazoe: We wanted to make sure we provide the most important PC centric features such as improved texture graphics, higher frame rates and also keyboard/mouse mapping controls. We tried to incorporate as much feedback from the PC fans, and spent the extra time in development to deliver the genuine Dark Souls II experience on the PC platform.

Since we're talking about the port From Software has posted information on the games forum about the launch issues. Here is a small sample of the forum post.

We want to use this post as a placeholder to give you updates on any outstanding issues players may be having with the game. We also wanted to share with you the best way to get in touch with our support team.

Thank you everyone for helping to identify any issues. We'll be working hard to escalate and investigate any problems you're having. We will also continue to monitor these forums for any further issues.

And to finish the news-bit jhwisner sent in a link for a video from TotalBiscuit.

TotalBiscuit takes a quick look at Dark Souls 2, discussing mainly the port features.

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