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PotBS - Interview @ Coldfront

by Inauro, 2006-11-11 23:33:36

Coldfront talks with Jess Lebow, Lead Writer and Content Designer for Pirates of the Burning Sea.

CF: Which aspect of PotBS are you personally most proud of?

Jess: The stories and missions. The content team at FLS kicks a lot of butt. We're all game players, and we've all injected a little piece of ourselves into this game. I think you're going to find that we've really gone the extra mile to make sure you're not playing simple fed ex missions or reading cliché text. Recently I played again through the first fifteen levels of the game. It took me several days, and I was so engrossed that I forgot I was working. I'll tell ya, I've been working in the games industry for over a decade now. It's rare that I get so sucked into something that I forget it's a project and instead think about it as simply having fun. I hope everyone who plays PotBS has the same experience.


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