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Zpocalypse - Stretch Goals & Add-ons

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-26 04:47:09

Greenbrier Games has posted the ninth update for Zpocalypse: Survival with news on the games stretch goals, add-ons, and talks about the pledge levels.

Stretch goal, add-ons, pledge level update & shout out

We have finalized some of our first mini-stretch goals which are exclusive early unlocks for our Kickstarter backers allowing you a much wider variety of options when creating your character and starting the game. These are backgrounds that you will choose when starting. In case you missed it in the previous update backgrounds are part of the character creation process. A background will provide a little story flavor and provide your character with benefits and potentially some downfalls. In most cases the backgrounds will also include starting gear that increase your chance of survival.

Once we hit our funding goal these will be at every 5k past our goal up to 100k which is our next BIG stretch goal that will enhance the game for all players. One thing you will note is at 75K we have a pet companion unlock. Pets will not take up a survivor slot but instead will be associated with one of your survivors. Pets will be useful for helping to find supplies, alerting you of threats early, providing an increase to morale, and in some cases helping you fight off the undead.

We are working on more of these to get us from our 100K goal to our next big goal of 150k. We are still looking for ideas on other mini-stretch goals so tell us your thoughts in the comments. We are listening!

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