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Elder Scrolls Online - News Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-28 05:01:40

ZeniMax Online has posted a few more updates on the website for Elder Scrolls Online. The first update is about the upcoming 12 player trials in the Craglorn expansion.

The gates of Hel Ra Citadel loom ahead of your band of 12 battle-hardened allies. Ancient Yokudan warriors, air atronachs, and even deadlier foes are prepared to repel your assault. All your careful planning, strategizing, and mastery of combat skills will be put to the test, and once the attack starts, you’ll have limited resurrections to use in an attempt to reach and defeat the Warrior. How will your group measure up in Trials?

The second post shares a few images to go along with the previous post.

Craglorn is going to need heroes like you to fight back against the threats facing the region and unravel the mystery of the fallen guardian constellations. You'll take on dangerous enemies as you travel the zone's rocky expanse with your allies, and opportunities for adventure will meet you on every path you explore. We hope you're looking forward to the new Adventure Zone--while you wait, you can decorate your desktop with these new wallpapers that feature places you'll be able to visit when Craglorn opens up!

And for last they announce a new limited edition Molag Bal lithograph.

Are the walls of your home or office looking a little bare? Now you can turn them into a portal straight to Coldharbour! Hurry and snap up one of these prints, and you’ll be able to gaze upon the visage of Molag Bal as he crushes a mortal hero whenever you like. Get your pre-order in now at the Bethesda Store—only 300 prints of this lithograph will be available!

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