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FTL - Interview @ iDigital Times

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-28 05:18:29

iDigital Times took the time to interview Justin Ma the co-creator of FTL to talk about the new advanced version that was just released.

Why did you decide to create the Advanced Edition, and why did you decide to release it for free?

FTL: Advanced Edition began as a small update of improvements meant to release alongside the iPad launch.  This is the initial reason we planned to release it for free - it was originally going to be quite small. Eventually we had enough new content to consider it a proper expansion, however we stuck to our initial plan of releasing it for free.  In the end we felt the Advanced Edition content made FTL a more complete product.

How did you decide what to add? Did you have concrete plans when you started?

We never had a solid plan of how much content to add.  Our feature list just grew over time.  Some of the content consisted of small improvements and visual polish.  Some changes were a result of trying to adapt the game for touch interfaces (such as the "return to stations" buttons).  Other larger changes (such as the Lanius race and the other ship layouts) were added once we decided to make AE a proper expansion.

Do you have further plans for FTL in the future?

We view FTL: Advanced Edition as the complete version of the game and we are looking forward to moving on to other projects.  However we will look into bringing FTL to other tablets and touch controls to PC.


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