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Dragon Fin Soup - Post-Funding Update #15

by Couchpotato, 2014-04-28 05:22:02

The Grimm Brothers have a new post-funding update for Dragon Fin Soup with news about their appearance at Pax East, and give an update on the games development.

Survey coming soon! 

We will be sending our our big post Kickstarter Survey soon! In this survey we will looking to ask you about your rewards, for example: 

  • What... name do you want to add to the monster-pool/credits?
  • What.. T-shirt size you want?
  • What... is the platform you choose to play Dagon Fin Soup?
  • What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow? :D

The Grimm Bros - Dragon Fin Soup - Forums are now OPEN! 

We have now opened up our Dragon Fin Soup forums to the public. All of our backers and supporters are welcome to join and hang out with us!

Please register at the Official DFS forums! http://Grimm-Bros.com/forum

We would like to use the forums to build a community and to communicate with you and all DFS supporters. Your feedback is really important to us and the forums are a great platform where we can start various fun discussions.
Please keep in mind we are not yet at the point in our development where we start designing reward features such as the Exclusive Pet Familiar, however this will come a bit later as a locked sub-forum where backers of all tiers that include the exclusive pet reward will gain access and be able to participate in design discussions.

Slacker Backer funds raised to date 

As of today, in our Paypal we have raised: $2902.75
Also we have added the remaining tiers to our Slacker Backer Humble Bundle on our DFS online store. All funds raised with slacker backer will go into development/stretchgoals.

Development Update

The team is now we are working on asset production and mission scripting for Red Robin, it will take time until we will get started on any of the new features that were unlocked in our Kickstarter campaign but we are very excited to get started and share with you our progress!

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