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After Reset - About Weapons

by Myrthos, 2014-05-02 23:14:04

In a recent post more information is provided with respect to to game mechanics, which in this case is about the weapons in After Reset. Besides showing lists of weapons and some images there is also information on things like critical hit:

A critical hit is a devastating attack that generates more damage than normal. Non-Player Characters are always subject to critical hits (unless immune), but player characters are only subject to critical hits in the Hardcore game mode.

Every weapon has a critical rating (e.g. "19-20/x2") consisting of a threat range and a critical multiplier. When an attack roll is successful and within the critical hits range, a critical hit confirm roll is made. If the critical hit confirm roll succeeds, then the hit is critical and damage is rolled once for each level of the multiplier. All bonuses to damage not specifically excluded from critical hits are added once per damage roll. Examples of sources of damage excluded from critical hits are on-hit properties.

Some creatures have immunity to critical hits, and against these creatures damage is rolled only once, regardless of the critical hit confirm roll (if the critical hit confirm roll was successful against such a creature, a message indicating the immunity will appear in the attacker's combat log).

Several feats, skills and item properties could modify critical hits.

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