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Bound By Flame - Mathras the Undead

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-04 09:14:57

Spiders released a new post on the Bound By Flame development blog with information on another companion called Mathras. Here are the details of the undead Lich.

Mathras, your undead companion in Bound by Flame

Mathras is certainly no ordinary undead. Educated and refined, he lived before the time of the Lords of Ice, even before any known civilization.

Sadly for him, Mathras does not have enough time to explain that he’s not even remotely allied with the Deadarmy before humans try to murder him.

He will join the cause of the hero out of simple curiosity, or perhaps fun, but beware: on the battlefield, Mathras casts lethal spells on his enemies, controlling their minds and transforming them into allies during the fight.

After all, Mathras has had the last 3,000 years to perfect the art of jousting and fighting, skills he applies equally as well through words as well as magic.

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