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OnlySP - How Do You Add Immersion In Games?

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-05 06:38:13

OnlySP writer Nathan Hughes has posted an article where he writes about his views on how to add immersion to games, and uses RPG games as one example.

Recently, I’ve found myself dipping back into some of my favourite RPG games. I was surprised to find myself going back to the genre so soon after logging a lot of hours into Dark Souls 2, but getting “immersed” into a world is something I constantly find myself doing. When you’re stressed out with life, work or whatever, breaking away from reality is something I support because you’re focusing your frustration and stress into playing a game. Games can serve to be almost therapeutic and the level of immersion they provide can certainly help you unwind or focus your energy. But most of all, immersion serves as an impactful addition that can deliver a thrilling experience like no other. Let’s discuss.

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