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Darkest Dungeon - BackerKit Surveys Sent Out

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-05 06:58:52

The latest post-funding update for Darkest Dungeon brings news Red Hook Studios has sent out all the backers surveys, and need all backers to respond.

BackerKit Surveys Sent Out - All Backers Must Respond!

Hello Darkest Dungeon backers!

Check your inboxes for emails from BackerKit. ALL BACKERS MUST RESPOND!

BackerKit is a cool service we are using that helps coordinate and track all of your information, which helps us down the line when we will be sending out all of your rewards.

All you need to do is respond to the survey by putting in the information it prompts you for.  You will be asked:

  • Contact info (including shipping address if you bought any physical goods)
  • Confirm which add-ons you purchased, or buy new ones if you want more or missed out during the campaign! :)
  • A quick question about whether you live in Washington state--just helps us with our paperwork and won't affect you at all.

If, over the course of the next year, you move or change addresses or whatever, you can just update your BackerKit profile and we'll stay up to date!  It's great!

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