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Bravada - Scheduled for Release

by Myrthos, 2014-05-06 13:05:39

Bravada is a game from the indie developer Interbellum that is scheduled for release on the 14th of May. It is a turn-based party RPG in which you play a young dwarf without a beard. He is brave though and dreams about adventures and heroic deeds. One day he actually goes on a long and dangerous journey in search of his much desired beard. During the game you control a group of units each with their own specialities and features. Units can get levels and transform into other forms by your choice.

Some additional information is avilable in this short article on RPS from last year.

Moving as a one, you control your squad’s formation and direction. They then attack in an order based on speed, with a togglable pop-up showing who will go when. Standard level ups, class choices and equipment are present, but take on a new light in the wake of other mechanics. Do you want a range character with less damage, allowing it to support from the middle of the pack? Or do you need a tank, that can be put out as a scout and absorb some hits? Normal peasants can pick a role when they reach certain milestones, while the main character gets to increase his stats.

What’s really interesting is the ankh system that gifts the ability to clone of one of your party whenever another dies. This is just one of many items that keep the game fresh as you progress. It may sound a little dull, but it’s faster paced than you might imagine. You’re always progressing forward, but moving characters around your formation is vital. Letting the pace get ahead of you is a fatal mistake too – this is not a walk in the park and misusing items or poorly managing health will lead to death.

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