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Dragon Fin Soup - May Update

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-07 07:01:42

The Grimm Bros have a new post-funding update for Dragon Fin Soup with news on the current pledge amount, and talk about future development updates.

It’s May!

We hope you all had a great week!

We are happy to see so many familiar names on the DFS Forums! If you have not yet registered, here is the link: http://grimm-bros.com/forum/ Also if you are a Facebook user, feel free to follow our official FB page: https://www.facebook.com/TheGrimmBros 

PayPal Total: $4,918.24

Development Updates 

Still working on various the control inputs, making great progress there, pad controls are working for the most part of the game but will need more tuning. Fun controls are very important so we are not rushing it.

We started some asset production for a palace and another village, lot’s of work to be done… Will share some screenshots when we have more final results, this will take some time. More optimization, tweaks and bugfixing happened this week, also some new, additional gameplay designs were made. (Random encounter with Bandits)

Jade is working on a new music track for a new Sakura Forest level, a new location that will be added with Morgiana. Much work, very concentrate, so ongoing, wow!

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