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Pantheon - Development Updates

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-07 07:20:02

Brad McQuaid of Visionary Realms has posted more information on three different updates about the continued development of his failed kickstarter MMO Pantheon.

New Status Report and Plan

Some changes are going on right now with the project.  The important thing is that Pantheon is alive.  We are moving ahead now with development, just with fewer people and at a slower pace.  We are continuing to reach out to potential investors, so we can bring the project to its next important phase:  having enough $$ to have an office and to make team members actual employees.

Re-Building Pantheon Part 1

We have some work to do to get the community active again, to continue work on the game itself, albeit at a slower pace at first, and to continue to simply get the word out there about the game.  Here's some of what we're working on:

1. I've been posting a lot in the Apprentice Developer forums because I'm starting to re-build the Pantheon Team.  But I need to also start posting on the other forums that many more people have access to.  I'm going to do that as are some of the moderators and others who I've begun a project relationship with.

2. I'm going to be doing blogs, at least once a week, about all sorts of things.  Posting the high level design of the Climate system, for example, was received very positively.  So you'll see more of that.  Also, I get a lot of questions about how does one build an MMO, or even a computer game in general.  So some of my blogs will be about that.  In general you're going to get a lot more information from me about MMOs in general and, of course, Pantheon specifically.  I've also made the decision that some of the more unique ideas behind the game that we were holding back (the sekret sauce) just doesn't make sense in a crowdfunded start-up endeavor like what VR is doing.  So I'll be posting and talking about some of those ideas as well (tease/example:  different types of mana, colored differently).

3. Lore! We're putting together a new lore team (more on this later in this update).  We will be building on what is there, making some changes, etc. The high level vision of the story and lore behind Pantheon was put together collaboratively, while a lot of the details put together by team members and volunteers. Building on what’s there we will do so with respect and appreciation to those who came before us. But there will be a few tweaks here and there --  I can say right now that the Dark Knight class will be re-named (unless Jim Lee calls me up and wants a DC universe shard to collide with Terminus -- then we can talk Dark Knights.

Re-building Pantheon Part 2

I have received over 50 emails (at last count, they keep coming in) from people all over wanting to help out.  We are blown away by the response!  In fact, I'm a bit overwhelmed going through them all.  I've got resumes from designers, programmers, artists, moderators, and lore people.  I'm going through them all, but it will take a little time.  Just wanted to do a quick update to say thanks and keep 'em coming!

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