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Grim Dawn - Two-Handed Combat in Style

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-08 06:15:15

The 44th installment of the Grim Misadventures talks about Two-Handed combat.

Grim Misadventure #44: Two-Handed Combat in Style

Hello, and welcome back! Today’s Grim update is about those sweet two-handed melee weapons you’ve been hearing about. In case you missed our recent development update with the release of Build 18, you will be pleased to hear that these weapons will be formally added to the game with the release of our upcoming build.

Two-Handed melee weapons provide a reckless alternative to those fighters who forego a shield. Opting instead for brute force and overwhelming strength, two-handed swords, axes and maces bring an effective new style of play to Grim Dawn that rewards your risk-taking with big numbers and very dead bad guys.

Despite their brutal nature, these weapons have their stories to tell and an assortment of epic items to add to your collection. It is up to you to recover these lost objects of power and to wield them against the enemies of humanity.

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