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Bound By Flame - Meet the Demon

by Couchpotato, 2014-05-08 06:18:58

Spiders released a new post on the Bound By Flame development blog with a look at how the demon will affect your appearance, and what it will cost to use it's powers.

Meet the Demon in Bound by Flame

You are a warrior of the Freeborn Blades, a group of mercenaries known and feared throughout Vertiel. But as the Deadarmy breaks into a ritual organized by your latest employers, things turn sour and, and you find yourself suddenly possessed by a flame demon.

After your initial surprise, and that of your companions, you start feeling the power of the demon within you, running through your veins… but this power, should you decide to use it, comes at a price: your very own humanity.

I also have a bonus to go with the newsbit with three songs on Youtube.

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